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Published Titles:

Vans Sk8: Pool Service
Fuel Games | Microsoft | Vans
Platform: Zune HD
Vans Sk8 is a port of the iPhone title of the same name. It's a 3D action title where platers take control of pro skaters Bucky Lasek and Omar Hassan by catching air and swiping the screen to perform various tricks. It was programmed in its entirety by myself and Ben Kirchner. It features multiple levels and characters, a unique control interface, shadow mapping, music playlist customization, as well as a custom built 3D engine and physics engine. As of this writing, Vans Sk8: Pool Service is one of the six titles available for the Zune HD.
Role: Core Programmer
Primary Contributions:
-Physics Engine
-3D Maths
-User Interface and Controls
-Deck Customization
-Skater Animations
-Many others..
Built Using:
Check out the iPhone Trailer!
Want to play it? If you have a Zune HD, you can download Vans Sk8: Pool Service for FREE from the Zune Marketplace.

Desktop Tower Defense
Fuel Games | Handdrawn Games
Platform: iPhone
Desktop Tower Defense is a port of the original flash game to the iPhone. A highly popular and highly addictive tower defense title, players build mazes of towers to prevent swarms of "creeps" from crossing the map. Why are they trying so desperatly to get to the other side? Who knows?
Role: Tip Creep
Primary Contributions:
-Sprite Rendering Math
-Gameplay Tip Writing
Built Using:
Xcode, Objective-C, iPhone SDK
Want to play it? Pending Apple's approval, the game will be purchaseable from the App Store for under $5.00 (US). If you can't wait, play the original here for FREE.

Fuel Games
Platform: iPhone
A zany 3D action title that has the player rescuing passengers from a rapidly sinking ship. The player must tilt the iPhone to roll passengers into the available lifeboats and tap the screen to save drowning passengers from sharks.
Role: Tester
Primary Contributions:
-Gameplay Testing
-Design Consultation
Built Using:
Xcode, Objective-C, iPhone SDK, Unity
Check out the trailer!
Want to play it? You can download it from Apple's App Store for a mere $0.99 (US).

Personal Projects:

Batteries Not Included
Platforms: Xbox360, PC
A 2D action platformer where the player controls a lone samurai trapped in the dark and mysterious river of death. BNI enforces fluid, emmersive gameplay and reflex-based platforming puzzles. It features music by Sanxion7, parallax scrolling, swarming AI. This game is actually a gameplay prototype for a title still under development. Because of this game, my college awarded me a scholorship to the 2009 Game Developer Conferance.
Built Using:
Want to play it? Visit again soon and I'll have it available for download.

Platforms: Xbox360, PC
A two-player action platformer where the players draw and erase terrain to complete thier objectives. Programmed as part of the 2010 Global Game Jam. This game went from concept to completion in only 48 hours.
Role: Lead Programmer
Primary Contributions:
-Game Design
-Collision Detection
-Platforming Mechanics
-Level Design
-Gameplay Programming
Built Using:
Watch the GGJ presentation along with a gameplay video Here.
Want to play it? Download the game along with its source code for free here.

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