Each article is categorized into one or more of the disciplines of game design. Below is a list of these categories. Click a link to see a list of articles falling under that category.

Game Mechanics
How the game behaves and ways the player interacts with the game. Topics: Game Balance, Puzzles, Challenge, Rules

Get into the mind of your player and see the game as they do. Topics: Player Motivation, Empathy, Imagination

Level Design
Puzzles, Challenge, Aesthetics,

Target Audiences
Who is your game for? What do they play? How do they play? And Why do they play? Topics: Girl Gamers, Games for Kids, the Hardcore Gamer

Game Genres
Established principles and practices for game genres. When to follow the crowd and when to try something new. Topics: First Person Shooters, Role-Playing Games, Real-time Strategy, Online games

Keeping everyone on your team informed. Topics: Game Design Documents, Brainstorming, Story Bible, Technical Design Document

Creating the player's experience through dialogue, settings, characters, and gameplay. Topics: Non-linearity, Plot, Meaningful Choices, Interest Curve

Character Design
Populate your world with memorable characters, friends and foe alike. Topics: Avatars, Customization, NPCs, Empathy

How do the worlds we create impact the world we live in? Topics: Violence, Educational Games, Addiction

Game Dissection and Analysis
Picking apart a game and learning from both the good and bad.

Direct from the developer accounts of the challenges encountered, the decisions made, and the lessons learned.

Everything from pitching your idea to managing your team. How to see your game concept through to the end. Topics: Game Pitch, Playtesting, Project Schedule, Team management

Visual Arts
How to ensure your game looks as beautiful as it plays. Topics: Aesthetics, Settings, Artwork, Modeling

Music and Audio
Appeal to the player's ears as well as their eyes and keep your player humming the game's tune for years to come. Topics: Music, Sound Effects, Atmosphere, Voiceovers

Like a house, a game would crumble without an architecture supporting it. Topics: